About Us

Royal Forgues – Founder/ President & CEO of Bseen 24-7 Billboards (2010-present) A billboard firm covering upstate NY
Founder, Past president & CEO of Fasprint. A printing and Marketing firm located in upstate New York.?(1987-2015)
Winner of several awards including the CHAMPY Advertising Award for recognition of creative excellence in international direct mail awarded by American Marketing Association Plattsburgh chapter (1990).
Past president & CEO of The Fort Covington Sun Newspaper (1994-1996)
Past president & CEO of The Moneysaver Publications (1992-1995).
Former speaker at Mailcom, Atlantic City?(1998), and Mailcom, Las Vegas (1999)
Former speaker at MailBoxes Etc. Eastern Canadian Division, Montreal, Canada (2002).
Over 35 years in advertising & marketing. Several articles about Royal Forgues have appeared in various marketing publications.

You may contact Royal Forgues at 518-353-0110, Royal@bseen24-7.com